Change log for Privacy Policy


March 2024

  • The possibility of receiving an SMS with results has been removed.

November 2023

  • Sent SMS with results are no longer stored by the SMS provider for 12 months, but are deleted continuously.
  • The content of the e-mail with the test result is also not saved. Only e-mail logs with sender, recipient and server name are stored for 14 days before they are automatically deleted.
  • In other words, after these changes in November 2023, no test results that can be linked to individuals are stored.


May 2022

  • We have changed credit card payment system from PayPal to Stripe.


February 2022


  • We have changed the data processor for sending out newsletters and updates to user-registered for Diversity Icebreaker from MS Outlook to MailMojo AS.

  • For those who receive our newsletters: We have added a new opportunity to see if the recipient has opened our news emails and clicked on links. This information gives us the opportunity to send out any more adapted market information after the news e-mail, but this is only done in exceptional cases.


April 2022

  • For those who answer Diversity Icebreaker: The research questions at the end of the survey have been expanded from 2 to 5 questions. The three new questions are about industry and country.


June 2022

  • For those who answer Diversity Icebreaker: As of 8 June, the IP address will no longer be logged