Cookie Policy


Our website use cookies for statistics and traffic analysis and for the service to work best for you as a user. Cookies are small information files stored on your computer. This does not pose a security risk to you, and you can set your browser to allow or not allow cookies.

There are various types of cookies used on a website:


Required cookies

These cookies support key features to ensure that your site behaves the way you expect. Without these cookies, the site will not work and this kind of cookies cannot be disabled. The cookies do not collect personal information.

The following information caps are used on our website:


  • "ASP.NET_SessionId": The session cookie that is required for the site to function and is defined when the page is loaded. The cookie is deleted when you close the browser.
  • "Dynamicweb.CookieOptInLevel": The permanent ("persistent") cookie that stores your cookies on site consent. The cookie has a life span of one year and is deleted one year after the last change.



Website Experience Cookies

These cookies recall activities and choices made on your site, and based on your choices, the website presents content and features that are customized to you. Our websites do not collect such cookies.


  • None



Cookies for performance and operation

These cookies are used to manage the site and include registration of the number of visitors and other data for web analytics. Personal data may be collected to a limited extent, but aggregated (aggregated and combined) and anonymized.


The following cookies are used on our website:

  • "_Ga", "_gid" and "_gat": These are permanent ("persistent"), third-party Google Analytics cookies that are used to gather statistics about how visitors are using the site. The name of the site uses anonymizeIp for GA and data collection for advertising features is turned off.
  • "Dynamicweb.VisitDate": is a permanent ("persistent") cookie that stores information about when you last visited the site and used for site statistics. The cookie has a lifespan of one year, and is thus deleted one year after your last visit to the site.
  • "Dynamicweb.VisitorID": is a permanent (persistent) cookie that stores a unique but anonymous site visitor identity. The cookie is used to distinguish between different visitors in relation to statistics for the site. The cookie has a lifespan of one year, and is thus deleted one year after your last visit to the site.



More information?

Click here to read the entire Human Factors privacy statement.