For teams- and leader-development, project work and change processes.


  • Used in team development, kick-off seminars, project training, management development programs, change management processes.
  • In addition to the team profile, each team member receives their own profile were individual scores are compared to the total team scores. This enables profound discussions of team perceptions

Online scoring

On the very day all team members have completed the items on Internet, the consultant receives the profile by e-mail from Human Factors.

86 questions (test items)

...which take about 20 minutes to answer.

Satisfied users

The feedback on TPI & LF is overwhelming; the report format gives focused and highly useful information, and a horizon of excellent opportunities to discuss different perceptions of teamwork.


As a benchmark, the team profile is compared to a norm group of 125 items. 

More than 250 certified

Major organizations in public and private businesses use TPI&LF, and 150 consultants have been trained and certified. All consultants in Human Factors are also using TPI in their consulting activities. Given the success of TPI, we have a strong focus on offering certification to other internal consultants who want to use it in their own organization. Unique organizations may also want more than the standard version, and the option of adding items is always there.
4 main factors
The conceptual model of TPI & Leadership Feedback consists of 4 main factors.
  • Team Input: Completeness and importance, Autonomy, Interdependency, Team composition
  • Team Processes: Goal focus, Task focus, Involvement, Conflict management, Learning by experience, Creativity and change 
  • Leadership: Task orientation, People orientation, Change orientation 
  • Team output: Goal realization, Satisfaction, Commitment, Innovation, Bridging.  
The leadership dimensions works as a 180 Degrees Upward Feedback to the leader. This gives the leader and the team an extra opportunity to discuss perceptions of leadership practices and priorities.

Since 1995, Human Factors has used and delivered TCI – Team Climate Inventory, which is an excellent tool for mapping innovation capabilities. TPI & Leadership Feedback was developed in 2003 as a response to increased focus on Performance-oriented team measures. By now, it has been used by more than 400 teams, and together with “Diversity Icebreaker” TPI&LF is established as one of our most widely used and popular team measurement tools.