Shared leadership in Human Factors

5th January 2015

The success of the Diversity Icebreaker has led to a situation where distribution, development and train-the-trainer activities centred on the tool have become our principal activities. Strictly operationally, it means an increase of orders that need to be processed, more of product development activities, and it requires that we are available to provide quick support to our clients more than ever.

The developer of the Diversity Icebreaker and main shareholder in Human Factors AS, Bjørn Z. Ekelund, has therefore decided that the operative leadership should lie within the company’s Oslo office and no longer in his own hands – as he is located in Larvik and works consultative with clients, which involves intense traveling in and outside Norway.
Human Factors has two managing directors, with different responsibility areas, since 1.01.2015:
  • Managing Director – Commerce: Harald K. Ekelund, with focus on commercial tasks. Harald has developed the company together with Bjørn since 1997.
  • Managing Director – Consultancy: Piotr Pluta, with his international background and extensive knowledge of DI, focuses on the professional psychological and consultative aspects of the operation, involving teaching, client support, R&D and consultation.
Bjørn Z. Ekelund will take on the roles of working Chairman of the Board and active senior consultant but without the daily, operative tasks. He will thus have more capacity to dedicate himself to developmental work with clients, speaking, and consultative work but also to be a sparring partner for those who want to use DI internationally and in Norway (typically in relation to innovation and cross-cultural challenges).

Tanja Münchausen will continue in her position at the offices in Oslo as before, following up clients and processing orders.