Privacy Policy


A description of how Human Factors AS collects and uses personal information.



Human Factors AS, through Managing Director – commerce, is the data controller for the processing of the company’s personal data for:


  • employees
  • users of our website
  • users of our digital test tools / surveys
  • customers, suppliers and partners

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Human Factors AS has several data processors: 


  • Microsoft for Office365 for office-support tools. E-mails, calendar and contact information and newsletters are stored in the Office365 cloud.
  • NettSoft AS for computer networks and pro contacts against Microsoft for Office365.
  • Visma AS for payroll and accounting data.
  • BDO AS for accounting and KPMG for audit.
  • Dynamicweb and Nordic Arena AS for websites used to order Diversity Icebreaker® material.
  • WordPress for overview of members of the RGB - Global Team.
  • Enalyzer AS for Diversity Icebreaker® (DI) online version 2 and user registrations (DI).
  • Syse AS for Diversity Icebreaker® (DI) online version 3 (from 2019).
  • Easyfact AS for Team Performance Inventory (TPI-LF), TeamReflector, Cooperation Checklist, course evaluations, user and customer survey, and Diversity Icebreaker® (DI) Online Version 1.
  • Google Analytics for web statistics.


Human Factors AS, through Managing Director – commerce, is the data processor for any personal information in connection with the calculation of group scores for the Diversity Icebreaker, Team Performance Inventory Team (TPI-LF) TeamReflector and Cooperation Checklist.




We will always inform about the purpose of the survey and whether it is anonymous or not. If the survey is anonymous, Human Factors or Data Processor will not collect any information that can be linked to the respondent. Anonymous data from the surveys may be subject to research and standardization and will therefore be stored indefinitely. Human Factors AS will not share the information with others or use the information for purposes other than those specified.



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  • Team Performance Inventory (TPI-LF)
  • TeamReflector
  • Cooperation Checklist (CC)
  • Diversity Icebreaker® (DI) online version 1

Easyfact AS is Human Factors AS's data processor, website development and maintenance provider where these tests are answered. In addition, Human Factors AS will also be the data processor for any personal information in connection with the calculation of Team Performance Inventory and Leader Feedback (TPI-LF), TeamReflector and Cross-cultural collaboration check.


Normally, these answers are anonymous and no IP addresses are stored in the system. Only pseudonym or initials may be asked, and the surveys are therefore normally not covered by privacy legislation.


Only Human Factors AS and Easyfact AS have access to the information collected. A separate data processing agreement between Human Factors AS and Easyfact AS that regulates what information the supplier has access to and how it will be processed is available on request.



Processing of any personal information from our testing tool:


  • Diversity Icebreaker® (DI) online version 3 (from 2019)

Syse AS is Human Factors AS's data processor and Easyfact provides consulting services for the development and maintenance of the site where this survey is answered. The survey asks the respondent about age and gender, but it is optional to answer these questions. This information is only used for research and standardization work. The IP address is logged as part of the web request. The logs are available to technicians from our subcontractor and are required for safety reasons. The logs are deleted periodically. There is no direct connection between collected data and server logs. There is no link between collected data and IP addresses.


Facilitator receives a link to a group profile that can be presented to the entire group in two different formats: One format shows statistics for the entire group broken down by the three colors, without individual data. The second format shows each answer as a point in a colour chart. By holding the cursor over the point, the scores will be visible, but thus without name, gender and age - only the number scores respectively red, blue and green.


​You can choose to receive the scores on SMS and / or e-mail. If you select SMS, you must enter the your phone number. This is done by an API solution provided by Sveve AS. In addition to the telephone number, the message and the time are registered. This information is not processed further, but is available to technicians at Sveve AS and the holder of the password for the solution at Human Factors AS. The information is deleted after 12 months. If you choose to receive your scores by e-mail, you must enter your e-mail address, but this mail/content will not be stored. This additional service is provided by Syse AS.


You will not be asked to share your name or other personal data (apart from the abovementioned) in the survey. A seldom exception to that rule is when the facilitator explicitly asks that the survey is set up with an extra, non-obligatory question about your email. This information is then used by the facilitator exclusively to preassign participants to workshop or webinar breakout-groups accordingly to their results in order to save time. This is done rarely, primarily with virtual workshops and scoring the survey beforehand and not during the workshop. In this exception-cases the administrator of raw data in the digital database can match email addresses with individuals’ results. These data are saved in the same database as all other data from the survey, but when this method is applied the entire data-file from this group is deleted immediately after the workshop/webinar, including both email addresses and individual scores.



Easyfact AS is Human Factors AS's data processor and is our supplier for development and maintenance of the website where workshop evaluations are located. A workshop evaluation is usually anonymous. Only Human Factors AS and Easyfact have access to the information collected. Workshop evaluations are deleted after 2 years.




Human Factors AS sends newsletters approximately 2-4 times a year via email. Data Processor: Outlook (Microsoft for Office365). The basis for sending this is an explicit consent from each recipient. We only register name and email address. The email address is not shared with others. The purpose of the registration is to provide those who are interested in information about relevant upcoming workshops and product developments related to the Diversity Icebreaker. Personal information is stored indefinitely unless email is no longer in function or recipient chooses to unsubscribe.




Our customers can order test materials from the Diversity Icebreaker® website. Alongside the order they register, for example, company name, contact person, professional responsible for using test material, e-mail, telephone, delivery and invoice address.


Customers can also order materials and services using mail and telephone.


Delivery information is shared with the shipping company (UPS courier) which is responsible for shipping of the material on behalf of Human Factors AS. 

Invoice information is shared with our accountant BDO AS.

Personal information we receive when ordering material is otherwise used for:

- to effect the order, including invoicing in the Visma accounting system and possibly in Paypal, as well as to prepare internal sales statistics.

- Follow up with important customer relationship information such as product updates, support / service and price adjustments, but not regular market communication.

- Customer information will be stored as long as required to fulfill our obligations, e.g. in accordance with the accounting regulations.




All consultants and facilitators who use the Diversity Icebreaker® (DI) tool for the first time must register as a user and declare responsible use of the tool. This is a prerequisite for sending out materials ordered. Relevant information is recorded to assess whether the user has the necessary skills to use the tool in group processes. Also, relevant contact information (name and email) is recorded so that we can request additional information if needed and possibly provide guidance to enable the user in question to get started with the ordered materials in a secure way.


Our experience is that most people who register as users will order materials many times over several years. The information is therefore stored indefinitely, as one of the points of this registration is that the user should know that he/she is "approved" as a user, thus avoiding documenting his expertise each time he/she makes an order. The personal information can be used to follow up with important information in connection with the user registration such as product updates, support / service and price adjustments, but not regular market communication.




Human Factors AS uses Outlook (Microsoft for Office365) for enrolment and sending follow-up information; and Visma accounting system or PayPal to invoice workshop participants. Personal information about who has participated in the training in use of our test tools is relevant for assessing the competence for those purchasing our test tools (see, for example, "User Registration” in the section above). This information will therefore be stored indefinitely. Personal information is also used to plan the workshops (e.g. individual interests and focus areas of the participants) and for statistics. After the workshop, it will also be sent an email with the opportunity to evaluate the workshop.





Personal information and payroll information is stored in Outlook (Microsoft Office365) as well as in Visma accounting system and DNB online banking. The treatment is based on employment agreement and the Norwegian tax card. Human Factors AS is required to report salary and personal information to the Norwegian public tax agencies.




Human Factors AS uses the analytics tool Google Analytics to analyse traffic on websites it manages. The system logs IP addresses. 




Everyone who is registered in one of Human Factors AS's systems is entitled to access their personal information. The registrant also has the right to request that incorrect and incomplete information is corrected, deleted or supplemented. The registered person is also entitled to protest against the registration, as well as the right to data portability. The registrant is also entitled to appeal to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority (DPA). If the processing of personal data is based on consent, consent may be withdrawn at any time by contacting the data controller. Legal claims from the registrant will be answered as quickly as possible, but no later than 30 days.




Data controller:

Human Factors AS

Harald K. Ekelund, Man. Dir. - Commerce


Telefon: +47 22 42 30 30

Post address: P.O. Box 86 Lilleaker, 0216 Oslo, Norway

Org. nr. 965878467